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My Story

It was 2018 and I was living someone else’s story. I just didn’t realize it at the time.

I had bought a beautiful house I couldn’t afford. I was in a job that was unfulfilling and at odds with my values. I was in a marriage that wasn’t working. I was angry at myself and at the world that I seemed to be losing control over the direction of my life.

And it only got worse.

Two years later, I had lost the job (plus one other after that), got separated, and was in danger of losing the house. Here I was, a man approaching middle age with two small children, two degrees and a past track record of success, yet I was somehow unemployed, broke, and utterly lost in life.

What happened? “Act 2” happened.

I had reached the classic turning point in the film when the hero, full of doubt and despair, finally decides to take action.

But, as someone who has taught screenwriting, I also knew that every hero needs a guide. So I sought one out. (Scratch that: I sought out countless guides.)

My “guides” were books (most notably Donald Miller’s Building a Story Brand), websites, webinars, peer groups, countless coaching calls… I zealously consumed content, curating as I went, and documenting which “hacks” worked best as I tested each one out.

Over time, I developed a clearer vision of what I wanted to do, and who I wanted to be. This led to creating a daily system of habits needed to become that person.

It soon became a lifestyle. And, by journaling about this journey, it allowed me to become authentic, vulnerable, intentional, and, most importantly, purposeful.

Fast forward to present day, and I’m living my best life. I’ve never been happier, healthier, or more financially secure. I’ve encountered an unprecedented amount of good fortune.

I’ve also learned that we often manifest the good luck we receive once we become the authors of our own purpose-driven life script.

It inspired me to rewrite my personal story, literally and figuratively. I wrote a screenplay inspired by my experiences. I then began sharing my story with others and realized I was far from the only one whose life script had wandered off course.

It ultimately led to Brandscribed, where I and my team of StoryBrand Certified Guides help others rediscover their purpose and write their brand-defining story.

I became the hero of my story. I’d now be honored to be the guide to yours.

Welcome to Your Next Act,

Jeff Glauser

Founder and Chief Storyteller, Brandscribed

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